Productive Identity™

Productive identity is the Entryway to the Quiddity Social Flourishing CommonWealth™

The Quiddity Social Flourishing CommonWealth is being built to facilitate each person's ability to be known for their Productive Identity and to be able to collaborate more effectively and efficiently to achieve social flourishing.

Productive Identity is the Digital Informational Basis for Personal and Social Flourishing

Unlike the traditional concept of physical identity which establishes that… “You are who you say you are.”, Productive Identity establishes that… “You can do what you say you can do.”

  • A new form of identity information,
  • A new form of identity-based property,
  • A new common language for human capability,
  • And the basis for a new capability to search and match utilizing Productive Identity data.

About Us

The Quiddity CommonWealth is a person-centered, non-profit, decentralized, open source, token incentivized platform that unlocks and unleashes human life value potential in an unprecedented and exponential way.

The Solution

Introducing Quiddity

The Power to Flourish Together in the Digital Age

Unlock and unleash human life value potential by equipping people to make themselves more valuable.


Quiddity™ Code

Creates human life value equity as a new form of property.


Quiddity™ Augmented Essence (AE)

The social architecture and operating system for HLV Equity Property.


Quiddity™ Tokens

Create liquidity.

How It Works

Quiddity Augmented Essence™ (AE™)... Creating the standards and social architecture for QHLVE property

Physical Person

Quiddity Code

  • Productivity Identity™
  • MyQuiddity™
  • Know yourself better, grow yourself better, and manage yourself more efficiently and effectively

Quiddity Online

  • Quiddipedia™
  • The Value Creation Game
  • The power to flourish together in the digital age

Quiddity OnLife

  • The Quiddity™ CommonWealth
  • OurQuiddity™
  • Connect with others better, collaborate with others better, and create value with others more efficiently and effectively

Quiddity Tokens

  • Monetize your QHLVE
  • The Quiddity IntrinsiQ™ token
  • The Quiddity Talent™ token

Unlock Your Potential...

Be Essential™

Quiddity provides consulting and coaching services for businesses and individuals to help them unlock and unleash their Human Life Value potential. Quiddity gives them the ability to assess the value of their unique skills, motivations, knowledges, relationships, and attributes.

If you would like to unlock and unleash your HLV potential, or the HLV potential of your organization or institution... contact us at